Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Gift List

This picture is from A Source of Joy website.

The holiday season is upon us, and I am starting all sorts of holiday projects, including my gift list. The perfect gift list. The list of things that have already been given to me. I will not list them in their barest forms, all stripped of their wrappings. For this Giver takes care to wrap beautifully, and I will take care in describing so as to reflect this. So I will not be able to write as fast as the gifts come. If I take notice with all of my might, I still cannot notice them all. There are thousands every day, large and small. And sometimes the smallest are the dearest.
1. Little girls with birthdays, little girls who can smile like this.

2. Leaves, flying, drying, crackling, crumbling beneath my foot.

3. The lake on a misty morning. See the water, see the mist, cannot see where they meet. A swan's ripples make a temporary horizon of sorts, there and then gone.

4. Apples from an abandoned orchard, grown old and strong with the years.

5. Friends named Mandy who cut hair. Now I have two of these!

6. The fronts of leaves, the backs of leaves. Leaves with light shining on them, leaves with light shining through them.

7. Constant unlimited access to the Throne Room.

8. Flossy baby curls.

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Carissa said...

What a precious birthday girl! I love your list. Thanks for sharing the link.