Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crochet Baby Cap

(this pattern is now available at Spindle and Wheel.)

I needed a change of pace, so I picked up my crochet hook. Ever since I crocheted my wedding dress almost a decade ago, I have been kind of burned out on crochet. But it was nice, for a change. I started out with a pattern, but the hook and yarn took off to places of their own, and I went along. Crochet is like knitting untethered. Not as comforting (for me), but more unpredictable, and therefore, adventurous.

In my handspun koolaid dyed BFL and natural colored camel-silk.

This concludes my Hat Series. Next up is the Mitten Series, again for the family. Then I want to do a Lacy Scarf series, for dear friends. Am I alone in this? Or do you tend to craft in series, too?

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Carissa said...

Very cute, both the girly and the hat!