Friday, October 26, 2007

The Life Cycle of Yarn Projects

Why, I wonder, don't I have any knitting to write about on my blog? Upon reflection....and yes, I can be a little's because I have been spinning!

My crafting time always tends more toward knitting or spinning. Always knitting a little on something, always spinning a little, but in the natural order of things, I concentrate more in one area or the other. Right now the fiber is in the spinning phase. I have many projects brewing, and I can't knit them without the yarn.

On the upper right is an experiment with my natural red dye series. I carded the Romney, swathed it in a light layer of the bamboo, and spun the colors randomly for a tweedy-shiny yarn that I love. I will be working on more of this for a sweater. This is a fine fleece for Romney, and with the woolen type spinning, the bamboo, and the quality of the fleece, this yarn is so soft against my cheek.

The yarn with the fuzzy halo is some perfectly delightful Lincoln that I am in the process of spinning up, Navajo plied for a rug yarn. A Spunky Eclectic club selection, I am ordering more to dye myself to make a full-sized, usable rug.

The corriedale-pygora-silk blend from Serenity Farms. This was a delightful spin. I didn't have much, but it should be enough to make most of a hat for baby Charity. Then all of the children with have handspun hats from Mommy.

In the foreground above is Abby's Beyond Tweed blend,
spun up for fingerless mitts, now on the needles.


Leigh said...

Lovely colors! Very eyecatching.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Donna, I tend to do the same thing! Concentrate on one or the other (spin vs. knit, I mean)

Did you find the corriedale/silk/pygora a little hard to spin consistently? I did, but I love the resulting yarn ;)

P.S. I now have a little lamb named Donna ;)

Hugs, Cary

Holly said...

I do that, too. Right now it's the spinning-although I did pick up my Sock in Progress last night and knit a bit on that. It's been languishing for months.
Your spinning looks very nice :~)