Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plugging Away

Here's a picture of my yarn for the sweater (with our first snowflakes of the year), flattering enough that maybe someone else other than a mother would love it! The focus is a little fuzzy, but the yarn is a bit fuzzy too, so it suits.
This, by the way, is my first skein. I don't know why it has taken me so long to buckle down and learn how to make a skein. But I am glad that I did. What a nifty trick!

There is not much to show on the sweater. Inches upon inches of 1x2 twisted rib is not so exciting for a blog, however enchanting velvety chocolate coffee corrugations may seem in person. But the work on the sweater continues. Doggedly I keep at it. I promise to show you when it gets interesting.

Spunky Eclectic October fiber. Love the subtleties in this colorway.

I am doing some Christmas spinning. I have two sisters who knit, and what better present could there be than yarn? (Shh, don't tell. Oh, right, I already did. "You are getting handspun for presents for the rest of your life." I was always rotten at surprises.) Right now I am spinning singles when I need a break from sweater spinning.

Here's your daily dose of colorway inspiration. I love the gold, the green, and the cinnamon brown together. But you might choose the grey and gold, or something else. Colors everywhere.
My dyepot hasn't seen use yet in the new house, but it will soon. Very soon.


Wanda J said...

The skein looks professional. The yarn looks like it has lots of color variation throughout it, it should make a beautiful, warm sweater.

You are ambitious! Not only spinning and knitting a sweater in a month but spinning for your sisters! It'll be fun watching how it all turns out.

cyndy said...

Everything looks beautiful!

First skein? Wonderful! First skeins always are special...they have so much energy..be sure to save a piece to tuck away somewhere ....you will want to look back on it someday ;-)

Holly said...

How fun! Your sweater sounds great already-can't wait to see more!