Monday, August 8, 2011

Tour de Fleece Wrap Up 2011

Well, this is a bit late!

But I did want to share the kid mohair yarn with you, the last yarn I finished for the Tour.

Julie Spins "Deep Marigold" colorway, 630 yards laceweight.

I had a wonderful Tour this year! Love the Tour de Fleece! It is so much fun seeing everyone's yarn, and seeing fellow spinners meet amazing goals. I wish I had more time for the community part of it, but what little I was able to find was so much fun. Plus, I got back in my spinning groove, which was my main goal. Completing some yarns gave me a new burst of creative fervor. Visions of yarns dance in my head.

And as vacation time approaches, I have some lovely new yarns to knit.... the angora scarf is growing and the kid mohair is turning into a Vermont shawl, and the darling new Beekeeper's Quilt pattern is just singing to all those bits of handspun and sentimental yarns that had been waiting in the stash, silent about what they wanted to be.....