Saturday, December 13, 2008

Morning Surf Stole-Scarf

Wide enough to be a stole, drapey enough to wear as a scarf, I love how this pattern turned out.

Fiber: Susan's Spinning Bunny cultivated silk
plyed with
Lisa Souza's "Mardi Gras" colorway in superfine superwash merino

Over 600 yards of light fingering weight yarn

knitted on size 3 needles.

Low Whorls are for Klutzes

I was able to take two more Abby classes last week. At The Spinning Loft. One on spindling, one on drum carding.

Sadly, I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera, so I missed taking pictures of all the fun and fibery people that I met.

All I have is a little knowledge.... and so much of the knowledge that I have is very physical, the type that is difficult to describe in words.

But there are a few things to share.

Because a bottom whorl spindle does not have to be secured with a hook, it is excellent for klutzes like me who tend to drop drop spindles. If you are a top whorler, you know that if your hook is out of whack, your spindle does not spin well. If there is no hook, you eliminate the Achilles heel. This reason alone makes me want to become proficient on a bottom whorl.

Abby had us trade spindles around the room, so we could see how cop shape and winding on methods change the feel of the spindle. That was such a fun exercise! Everybody spindles a little differently, and I definitely learned from trying some new things.

Abby noted that spindles are adaptable to a person's individual physiology.... there are many different ways to approach spindling, and experimenting to find what is most efficient for you personally is a good thing.

When questioned on how to decide what kind of spindle to use for a particular project, she said, well, it depends. Sampling is a must. There are so many variables with spindles, fiber, the kind of yarn you want,...... even the weather can affect your spinning! (Abby told how she had difficulty in learning to spin cotton until she tried it on a very hot and humid day, when everything clicked for her. )

Well, with the scenes beside my spindling basket showing my deck engulfed in snow and the icicles getting long in the tooth, I have no urges to spin cotton.... just lots of warm woolies!

Many secret Christmas projects in the works......


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Skeleton Leaf Bookmark Pattern

***Revised. as of Feb. 2011/ thanks to Alexis for her helpful suggestion....I think the pattern is much improved now. I do recommend that if you want your leaf to look much like the pattern, use a fine laceweight yarn

Remember this?

I have had several requests for the pattern here and on Ravelry, so here goes. I don't have the capacity to do a graphed pattern on my computer, so I have opted to use a sort of knitting shorthand instead of using words. Hopefully it will have a visual quality to it that will help you grasp the pattern of the pattern.

I used laceweight and size 3 needles. Your gauge may vary.

K= knit
O=yarn over
V= knit two together
(ssk)=slip slip knit

Starting at the base of the leaf, cast on 5.


All even numbered rows until row 10, purl across




Row 9 Bind off 3 OVKOKOK(ssk)OK(ssk)OK

Row 10 Bind off 3, purl remaining stitches.

Rows 11-14 Repeat rows 7-10 once more.

Row 15 VVOKOKOKO(ssk)(ssk)

Row 16 Purl across

Row 17 Bind off 3, OKOKOKO(ssk)(ssk)

Row 18 Bind off 3, purl across

Row 19 Bind off 3, OKOK

Row 20 Purl across

Row 21 Knit 5 together.

Break off, weave in ends. Block. Finish with cord and tassel or as desired.

Let me know if you have any problems with the pattern! I am kinda new at this.

Lots of snow here....

ending with some pictures for you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Work of Their Hands

About a month ago, for the first time, I crossed this bridge

over to the Upper Peninsula

to visit Christian Freedom International's store. Note where it says "handcrafts?" There were lots of those, produced by Christian artisans in other countries where they suffer for the faith in various ways. Proceeds from the sales go to their support.

look at the lovely weaving.....sigh.....

cute knit hats.....

jute monkey that Mercy bought..... for every jute toy that sells, a child in Bangladesh gets one too....

The store was full of gorgeous woodcarvings like the one on the wall. Here are the happy little shoppers! Maybe we'll be able to go again sometime.