Friday, July 20, 2007

Sock Enchantment and the Tour de Fleece

I cast on for the Undulating Rib socks with my Nightshade sock yarn and I am fascinated. The pattern knits as flowingly as it looks and this sock seems to grow of its own accord. The Nightshade colorway shifts from one rich shade to the next and keeps me entertained. But....I can't get a good picture of it! The colors are hinted at in the first picture---dark and rich. But you can't really see the pattern or color shifts in that picture as you can in the pale, inaccurate, washed out version in the next picture.

I whiled away a few peaceful hours last night spinning for the Tour de Fleece. I am spinning yarn for hats and scarves and mittens for the children. The Bossie holds a pink merino-angora blend for Verity, from Kendig Cottage. When I first tried spinning this a few months ago I could not get a consistent single, and it was much thicker than I wanted it to be. Now it is spinning up beautifully and I am reminded of the old adage, "Practice makes perfect." Or in my case, not perfect, but a Whole Lot Better.

The Barebones holds Spunky Eclectic's Tulip BFL for Peace.

I am thoroughly enjoying my spinning, though I am getting tired of so much pink! When I am done with the childrens' winter garb I will be doing some deep greens and purples and black and anything else EXCEPT PINK!!!!!

I so enjoyed my sister's visit yesterday. I saw her huge sock she is knitting on teeny tiny needles for her DH. She wore her new silk skein like a necklace. She oohed and aahed over my fibery treasures. We compared our respective babies. oh, how I wish she lived closer.


Deborah said...

Donna, there are quite a few of us spinning, knitting, homeschooling moms out there. You should check out the Christian Artisans Yahoo list!

I love your blog. You have some beautiful yarn. I've bookmarked you!

Probably Jane said...

Lovely work - your children must really enjoy the beautiful soft things you make for them. I had a letter from my 7 year old nephew yesterday which, among other things had a picture of a frog with a speech bubble saying 'Please knit G more socks' - I must get the needles out straight away!