Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feather and Fan Bonnet with attached Scarflet

The "Tulips" yarn wasn't destined to be a watchcap after all. Just shows you what I know about destiny!


The address above leads to the free pattern that was the basis of this project. At the point of finishing I went my own way and attached a scarflet that fastens in the back with a felted button. Cozy, cute, old-fashioned, and Peace loves it. I like that she won't be dropping her scarf and losing it in the snow. Mercy wants one like it, and she will have hers in the new Spunky Club's "Celebration" colorway.

Mods: Used my handspun at heavier gauge for a child-sized bonnet. Used size 8 needles. Added scarflet after finishing the back decreases.

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