Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Natural Dye Reds----Madder

In the matter of being patient, I failed. The color seemed more brown than I had hoped. I would not stop poking about the dyepot, and I was afraid I would felt the whole thing! So out the fiber came, and the wool is a pretty brownish red, as saturated as my other colors, but not as bright. The bamboo took very little color. It is a pale greyish pink.

There is a natural dyeing group on Yahoo, and they are discussing cool ferment dyeing. The results with madder are just gorgeous. I think I will try this next time. But I will pick a time when I will be leaving the house so I can keep my hands off!

Next up is dying with lac extract, and I may try overdying some of the madder-dyed wool with lac as well. But I have to wait for the lac to arrive in the mail. Hopefully it will come today!

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