Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nightshade Sock Yarn

This is one of my main accomplishments of the trip.....spinning up some sock yarn for Bruce's next pair of socks. Unlike many people who spun this Spunky Club fiber, I opted to ply in the traditional fashion for a tweedy look, appropriate for a manly man. These are beautiful colors and should knit up with some subtle striping. The yarn is my first three ply.....a lot of spinning, but it was worth it. 16wpi. Coopworth wool. Spun on Bosworth mini .7 oz. Plied on the Barebones.

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DianeM said...

Hi Donna - just found you over at Spindle and Wheel. Hey - you knit my kind of stuff! I love the look of your Lace Triangle, what yarn is it?

I plied the Nightshade tweedily too - I couldn't decide what to do with it so I just shut my eyes and spun and let it choose for itself :-)

You can see my nightshade here: