Saturday, August 4, 2007

What have I been up to?

I gave Verity the Vogue Stitchionary so she could pick out a nice stitch pattern for her scarf....and what did she pick??? Why, feather and fan, of course! Why mess with a good thing? So her angora-merino yarn is turning into a very soft and fluffy scarf. I have more of the blend to spin, and when I am done spinning that I will be spinning......

Sock yarn! Remember the undulating rib socks that I love knitting so? Well, it has become painfully obvious that there will not be enough of the nightshade yarn to make a pair, even with different yarn for the heels and toes. And so....they will become....two-yarn resolable undulating rib socks! But I need to spin more yarn. This also means that Bruce will probably only get two pairs of hand-knit socks for his birthday, poor man. He deserves better. Well, there is always Christmas.

I threw some acid dyes in the pot and came up with this pretty roving for Benjamin's hat/scarf set. I simply love these golds and blues and mossy greens, and can't wait to have at it. But I have a good bit of spinning to do before then..... sigh. Little by little.

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dshirey said...

Hi Donna. It is Denah. I have lost your e-mail address. Would you e-mail me so that I have your address again? I love the pictures of your children. They have grown so much since I last saw them.