Friday, August 10, 2007

A Secret Kept and One Revealed

All projects have been put on hold while I work on something for my Fiber Frenzy pal. I can't wait to send out that package. No, no.....I can't tell you what it is.... What if she has discovered me? I only will say that it has something to do with the picture above; and the picture above has a story of its own, as well.

But there is a secret that I have been keeping that I can finally tell you.....

Look up on my sidebar....See the link for "Garden and Hearth Knitting Articles"? You do?

Well, guess what? The knitting guru who writes those articles is MY SISTER! I found her out one day as I surfed around.....hee, hee. She wanted to surprise her husband with it, so I couldn't tell you until now. But go check it out....there are new articles now and then, educational and sometimes entertaining, too. Check out the article "Knitting Basics: Yarn War" if you want to know how infuriating I was when I was younger.

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Beth said...

I did a mapquest and also a Google map and both gave me about 3 and a half hours from Bellaire to my shop.
You could always sleep over at my house:-)