Wednesday, August 22, 2007

finding some gumption

I have had a hard time bringing myself to finish the Nightshade socks after I realized that I have nowhere near enough yarn to finish....I am working on both socks in tandem to ration the yarn that I have....ready to start the instep, but there is not enough Nightshade to finish the instep....You can see where they are now above, with some of the lovely brown-grey GCNI from Running Moon Farm that I have spun up to finish off the whole thing. I need to do some more spinning for it, and a good deal of knitting. The birthday is next week! So I need to get some gumption. If they end up looking funny, then I will provide you all with a chuckle, and that is good for your health, right?

The GNCI wool is from Amber, and it is great fun to spin. The yarn is not exactly what I would call soft, but it is spongy. I love squishing it. Elastic is its middle name.

My dyeing has been put on hold, as we are planning to move at the end of next month so I need to cut back on the fiber stuff jeest a leeetle.

I finished Verity's scarf, and am about ready to start on her hat. I will show you all the set when they are finished.

The project for the Fiber Frenzy pal is done, and I will show you when she gets the package.

What can I show you now? A Cute Picture. Benjamin loves to help feed the babies. He calls them both "Charity" (or "Cherry" is more what it sounds like from his lips)....what a silly! This is truly Charity in the picture.

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Deborah said...

What an adorable picture of the kids!