Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de Fleece Nearing the End!

On Monday I went to the annual Garden Party, where spinners and weaver gathered. It was an enjoyable, low-key event, and I met some fascinating people... one a woman who had helped preserve the textiles brought up from the Titanic.

I brought the kid mohair along... that has been the main project this week.
When my hands are tired from spinning mohair, I've been taking breaks to knit on the angora/wool scarf that is being knit for a dear sis-in-law.

This is one of the three skeins that I ended up with from the angora... a total of 375 yards to enjoy.

The question is...can I finish the kid mohair and the SCF and sample yarn for my hubby's sweater too, before the Tour ends??? Don't forget to breathe in your anticipation!

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