Friday, May 18, 2007

welcome to you!

I have so enjoyed reading others' knitting and spinning blogs that I have decided to start one myself. I am savoring a crafting renaissance in my life....

My posts will be short and sweet because

a) I have six young children, including 4 month old twins
b) It takes me a long time to write a short bit
c) I don't want to take much time away from my fiber!

So down to business!

Above you see the BFL two ply that I have been spinning from my koolaid dyed rovings on my Bosworth mini spindle. I am not sure what the wpi is, but it is a fingering weight yarn. I will show the shawl that I am knitting with it in a later post.

In the center is a baby hat that I knitted from some of my earliest yarn, photographed from the top so that you can see the concentric striping. It is one ply of Lisa Souza's Deep Sea BFL roving, and one of a Yarn Botanica roving in blues. I knitted it watchcap style, adapted from EZ's Knitting Without Tears.

Look for more posts soon!!!

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Fiberjoy said...

Great blogname! Welcome to blogland.