Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sheep and Wool in Wooster

True love is when your husband works extra hard all week so that he can take time away from work on Saturday to take you to the sheep and wool festival. Just in case you needed a definition of true love.

Above you see Benjamin petting an alpaca, and Verity with a friendly little alpaca in the background. The angora rabbits and the lambs were also popular with the children. A kind lady gave them each a tuft of cotton fiber with the seeds still attached... reminded us of our study of Eli Whitney this school year.

And this what I got.....very little fiber....I have to make a dent in the fiber I already have first. But I did get 1/4 oz. of peacock angelina to use as a blending metallic for Project Spectrum in June/July.

I bought a handy little sett gauge, a lovely medium size Kromski niddy-noddy, and a pleasant Greensleeves Barebones spindle....I took it for a test spin before I bought it, and it spins so nicely for an inexpensive spindle. Now I can spin a heavier yarn with a bit more ease, and now I can also work on more than one fiber at a time.

Happy sigh. I feel like one spoiled lady.

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