Friday, May 25, 2007

Dandy Lions yarn

I finished up the spinning for my shawl, so I get to move on to something new!

This is colorway "Dandy Lions" in superwash merino from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber of the Month Club. It is spinning up at around 10 wpi though I am having a hard time spinning consistently. Maybe because the merino is so lofty, the slightest change in grist seems to have a big bearing on the diameter of the yarn. My plan is to use this yarn to make something for a new nephew who will be arriving soon. The superwash will be perfect for gifting. This is my first time spinning with superwash, and my first time spinning with merino. The superwash gives almost a papery feeling while I draft, but the finished yarn is pleasant and oh so soft.


Margaret said...

Very pretty! It will make something very nice for the new baby. I have some merino that's just as you describe, sort of clumpy and as you said papery, but soft at the same time. I've got some other merino fiber that's very smooth. So, I think it varies with the preparation. The real test is how it knits up, which is often better than it looks in the skein!

Donna B said...

Thanks for the comment, Margaret! I am looking forward to knitting it up and seeing what it does look like! also looking forward to trying some other merino someday.