Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, it is time to end the contest. I was so surprised by the thoughtfulness you put into your answers! They weren't what I expected, and yet they were very helpful as I design the perfect (or close to it) Yarn Dieter's Snack Pack.

I have decided to take your advice and make the spoil aspect related mostly to the yarn itself. Included with each yarn cupcake will be at least one stunning bead, some handmade and vintage buttons, and a pattern to use them all. Patterns will be included for these small quantities of yarn in knitting and crochet versions. I can't wait for you to see the results!

A tea bag and a small piece of unmeltable candy may be included simply because these items, even if good quality, are inexpensive and will add a nice touch for many customers.... Making an experience that will delight all the senses.

And of course, if these sell.... well, then there will be holiday versions, and themed versions, and souped up versions! The possibilities! Stay tuned.

So the winners (chosen by random number generator for comments that I used) are as follows:


It will take a week or two to assemble your spoil packs....beads and other goodies must be obtained... but in the meantime I will need your address! Carla especially....please leave a comment as to how I can contact you. And Tom, I can't get your profile page to load....

Thanks to you all!


Carla said...

Oh thank you so much for picking me! I hate posting my e-mail address normally since I get so much junk mail as it is. Actually, I just looked for your e-mail and didn't see it on your profile.

My hotmail address is: popofra

I am so excited! In case there are color choices, I love purples, reds, blues and never use yellows, greens, oranges because they make me look awful.

Again much thanks

tom said...

I just saw that I'm one of your very lucky winners. Thanks. I look forward to seeing the Snack Pack. This will be a surprise for my wife (I do knit and love yarn, but she'll really LOVE getting a yarnie surprise, since she is perpetually on a supposed yarn diet)

My e-mail is tomknit AT gmail Dot com

And since Carla mentioned colors, I have to say that my wife (who is NOT Carla :-) ) has just about the same color preferences - purples first and foremost, then blues and reds. But I am certain she will love the pack whatever it contains.

And lots of luck with the marketing of the yarn packs. I hope they are a grand success!

tom said...

I meant to also say that the pink, lavender cupcake is absolutely luscious-looking. Congrats on creating something so lovely!

Thanks again for picking me.

morgaine24 said...

thank you for picking me as one of your winners cant wait to see the cupcakes i love all colors except yellow purples are my favorite but I will love anything i receive hugs thank you so much

Turtle said...

congrats winners! those fiber goodies look soooo scrumptious!

tom said...

I haven't heard from you yet. I hope that just means that you are busy, and that posting my gmail address here was adequate.

Thanks again for picking me.

Carla said...

Reading Tom's comment, I realized I hadn't heard from you either. Hopefully spring has taken over! Looking at the photos in your newer posts, it's clear everything is fine!

popofra AT hotmail DOT com