Friday, February 1, 2008

A Month of Spinning More

January was truly a month of spinning more for me. I finished the two skeins I had been working on. I spun yarn for my snowflake, for about three-fourths of a 6.5 foot woven shawl; I spun up a pound of Lincoln for rug yarn, and a hundred yards of British Suffolk for a three-ply sock yarn.

How did I get so much done? I moved my spindles into the kitchen. I discovered that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen! and that little bits of time spinning add up.

Here's my Lincoln rug yarn. A good word to describe the spinning on this yarn would be "erratic". I would have liked a yarn with higher twist in the singles, but that would have required a heavier spindle than I own. And I could have benefited from using a sample card to refer to.....why do those organized people always have to be right? :-)

On the upside, I love how the colors turned out, and despite my lack of spinning prowess, I think the rug will be lovely in the end.

Above is Sunny Autumn nestled on some grey Icelandic that will be the next to be spun up for the rug.
Rainy Autumn; and below, Waning Autumn

Here is my beautiful, squooshy sock yarn from the Suffolk. A true 3-ply, this is coming out at 18-19 wpi. Perfect. This is a fun spin! I hope to whirl out another 300 yards of this soon.

And the shawl....perhaps I'll bring that to show you next week.


Carissa said...

The yarns look fantastic, and I'm not one usually drawn to autumnal colors! I'm impressed with your productivity on the spindle, it may inspire me to pull mine out more often!

Theresa said...

All of your yarn is beautiful! What is the yearbook of the homekeeper?

cyndy said...

Lovely spindling!

A good friend of mine once told me, "you'd be amazed a the amount of yarn you can spin whilst waiting for the potatoes to boil".

...try as I might, the guys around here put an end to that all because one stinking piece of wool happened to float into the stew pot. they never let me live it down....