Friday, February 22, 2008

I still knit.......a little

Once upon a time, my babies were tiny, and I spent the day sitting, nursing them,

and knitting......

No more. Now is a little more exciting, the time for chasing....

But I still knit a little.

Verity wanted Pocketbook Slippers, like Mercy's, so here are hers in Spunky Eclectic Skinny Sock, from a sampler skein.

And here are my ankle socks in the
British Suffolk sock yarn I spun.
A little lace rib at the top to please my
feminine wishes, the color delightful to

I'll be knitting afterthought heels on
these....My guess? I'll love it. I'll get to
knit four toes instead of just two. Toes are so much fun!


Denise said...

Such gorgeous babies. Oh my.

fiberjoy said...

The first picture of the little twins is precious beyond words.

I'm totally amazed at how much you're able to accomplish when you have such young ones.

Theresa said...

I should be praying for you more often! lol I survived this stage with twins...just barely! :o) Man, my girls were active and everywhere and had no fear! They kept us on our toes and exhausted and as a result, Hubby and I have lots of gray in our hair now! LOL Your babies are so sweet. even though it was crazy, I miss that time.