Saturday, January 12, 2008


There is a lot of spinning going on around here. I have more yarn that I want to spin than....than... than I can shake a spindle at.

Here, Spunky Eclectic Goblin Eyes colorway, Romney fiber.

This superwash merino tencel is easily my favorite yarn that I have ever spun. Not perfectly spun, but fairly consistent (for me) and I love the colors. I overdyed a green/brown/yellow/white roving that just wasn't speaking to me with red, and I love it. Just the sort of subtle colorway I enjoy, and one of my very favorite colors to boot.

Carissa asks if I like merino-tencel. I do. Of course, I have never met a fiber that I haven't liked, so maybe that doesn't mean much. But soft, shiny, and strong can't go far wrong. I have more merino-tencel in a different colorway on the spindles now, for a project I'm planning.
All this spinning that I want to do, makes me want a wheel. And Theresa asks, What wheel do I want? I don't know. I want a good wheel, versatile, relatively inexpensive, preferably sturdy, (remember, the little ones....) and not ultra modern looking. I want something that I can grow into, as far as ratios go. I want to be able to spin 3 ply sock yarn and laceweight. In my weak and impatient moments I cast my eyes on a Babe. But I am afraid that I wouldn't be happy with a Babe, I am such a stinker for aesthetics. But maybe, with all the gorgeous yarn I'd be I wouldn't care. What are your thoughts on such things?

And yet....despite my seeming impatience to spin a world of fiber, I rather relish the pace. I relish the spinning with a simple tool rather than a machine. Some days I wonder if I ever need go to a wheel, if as my skill grows I will find all the speed and consistency I want with these hand made bits of spinning, whirling wood.


~~ said...

Your knitting is beautiful... you are so talented! I have been a beginner knitter for years ;) and would love to be able to create work like yours. Don't you just love fiber? I think it's addicting...

Denise said...

Your yarn is just beautiful. Great job.

You didn't ask for my opinion, but here it is anyway: don't buy the Babe. Take the time to find a wheel you love and, if you can't afford it, buy another spindle and wait patiently until the funds become available.

Wood is key to spinning.

: )

Theresa said...

Beautiful yarns. You are so productive with your spindle! I have been spindling more lately even though I have a wheel. I find that I am learning a lot from the spindling. Hopefully that will improve my wheel spinning too. I have a Lendrum. I would have liked a less modern looking wheel, but it is a wonderful wheel, one that is good for a beginner and you can really grow with. Not cheap unfortunately. I looked at the Louet S75s and really liked them because of the style. The Lendrum is ultra sturdy and made from hardwood maple. I think Carissa has an Ashford Traveller which is more traditional looking. I would not get the Ashford Traditional because it is not best with kids (that was my first wheel) because it is more tippy and sticks out and in the way. Naturally if you ask ten people you will get ten different answers! :o)

cyndy said...

What Denise said.

...and just as an aside, one of my friends did by the Babe ...for the same reasons you mentioned. She was not even a spindle spinner first, and she outgrew it in less than 6mo.

....wait it out..your wheel will find you...when you least expect it...(true love is like that ;-)

Theresa said...

Check out my 1/15 post. I gave you a little award. :o)

Beth said...

Come and see me and try out wheels.

My first thought for you is Ashford Traveller. Easy to grow into. Will last a long time and has plenty of upgrades when you are ready to move to more yarns on each end of the spectrum.

But it's important to try wheels if you can before you buy.

Just my 4.5 cents

Anonymous said...

Ed bought me a Louet Victoria which I've been enjoying, especially for its small size and portability. That said, already I'm thinking that a Majacraft Rose would be the next step, but we are limited in space.

To my dismay I haven't yet achieved consistency on the wheel that I get with my spindles. :-( The speed is wonderful but my spindles are so much more personal. And I love that I can spin almost anywhere with them.