Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wishing You a Fibery New Year!

They say January is National Spin More Month, and that is good, because there is a ton of spinning that I want to do.

I'll probably have a little dye day next week, and cast on for a pair of socks or two to keep me busy til my spinning is ready to be knit up.

I'll be ripping out my Unfinished Objects that have lost my love on this New Years Day. Then I can start the new year with a clean and happy knitting slate. (Thanks to the She-knits Knitting Circle for this lovely idea)

What am I working toward this year, fiber-wise?

* I'd like to feel comfortable with sock knitting to the point of being almost automatic. So that means practice. I'll aim for a pair a month, and at least half of them need to be simple so I can zip through them, concentrating on the construction of the sock instead of stitch patterns.

* I want to learn how to weave on a triangle loom.

* I want to knit lacy scarves for two friends. I'd like to make that a tradition, and maybe by the time I die I'll have given one to every friend that means much to me.

When I dream, I dream that I will be able to make enough money this year, selling something fibery, to buy a spinning wheel. It could happen.

This past year has brought new skills and new friends....like many of you. I am so thankful.


Carissa said...

Your spindles and fibers look so pretty! I can hardly wait to get back to spinning myself. I love to knit socks, so I'll be happy to help if you need it! Lace is another favorite too! :)

cyndy said...

Beautiful photo of the spindles!

And a happy fibery New Year to you too, Donna!

I hope your dream comes true, and your wheel will find you this year!

Theresa said...

Neat picture. All your spindles are so pretty...what kind are they? What type of spinning wheel are you hoping to get? It sounds like some good goals.