Friday, September 7, 2007

Swatching Coyote Cotton

There is a gift baby project on my horizon, and I wanted to try making a cotton yarn for it. So I ordered some coyote cotton from Kendig Cottage.

This is a naturally colored cotton that has been developed to be fire resistant.
The color is quite a nice reddish brown.

I figured swatching was a must, since I didn't want it to fall apart in the washing machine. So I spun and plied, and knitted a swatch directly from the spindle that went directly to the washing machine. The verdict? I am happy. This is so soft, and there was no pilling. The dimensions of the swatch changed very little, just a slight gain in width.

The baby sweater project has a green light now!

Almost done with Chapeau Marnier.

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Fiberjoy said...

Good review on the coyote cotton - makes me what to try some, that is a great color. Isn't it fun to knit directly from the spindle? :-) Will you be actually doing that for the baby sweater?