Monday, September 10, 2007

Chapeau Marnier

Pattern is Chapeau Marnier from Knitty. This pattern was great, and it makes a sweet hat for a young girl.

Yarn is my fingering weight handspun, from merino-angora top in Apricot from Kendig Cottage.

I adjusted the needle size and shaping for a smaller head size.

Finished with a tea-dyed silk sash and rosette.

The scarf is ye olde feather and fan.


Alpaca Granny said...

This is just too cute.

Theresa said...

it is a beautiful hat, and you are right- Verity does look like our next younger sister in that picture. I love the colors!

Carissa said...

That hat is adorable! I need to start knitting some winter woolies too! What beautiful children you have! The bib was modeled after the one here: