Friday, June 29, 2007

Just one more Fiber for the Road!......

Good thing this all squishes down so well....

Oh, yes, we are going on a trip again.

To take with me:

1. Diagonal Cross Rib Socks. I am just finishing the gusset on the first sock.
2. Handsome Triangle Shawl.

I want to get a lot done on these two projects, so that is all the knitting that I am taking with me. Sixteen hours of riding in the car should provide some good progress on these two items.

But the spinning...

1. The nightshade fiber for Bruce's next pair of socks.
2. Fiber for a birthday skein for one of my knitting sisters.
3. Just in case I am especially productive or there is an unexpected snowstorm or car trouble (or who knows what could happen, really?), some rovings to spin up for hats and mittens for my kiddos.

And don't go away, cause I have lots planned for when I get back. I haven't touched red or black or metallic yet, and so must do something for Project Spectrum in July. I plan to take a few weeks in July to experiment with different natural red dyes. That should be interesting.... annatto, brazilwood, and madder are at the ready. Maybe I'll nab some cochineal too. When I get back I'll start mordanting. And then the fun will begin! It will be interesting to see the variations in color and if I manage to achieve some true reds.

Also, crazy lady that I am, I have decided to join Tour de Fleece 2007. To honor the Lord's Day I'll be taking my rests on Sunday, but otherwise will be spinning with the crowd. I haven't decided....finish up the colored rovings for the children, or do up a pound of black GCNI lambswool for a sweater? What do you think?

And because I am wanting to meet and get to know you all, tell me.....what fibery sorts of things would you like to do in July? are you in any -alongs?

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Probably Jane said...

A woman after my own heart - get the yarn and fibre packing done first for any trip! It all looks gorgeous.

I am hoping to spend July spinning some of the lovely rovings and fibre I bought at Woolfest and to knit something other than socks.