Tuesday, August 5, 2008



tagged me for a meme.....six quirky things about me.

1) Link to the person who tagged me
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3) Tell six quirky yet boring things about yourself
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1. I do not spend change. It is a Detail too big for me to handle. You mean, you want me to hold on to my purse, while handing over the proper number of small metallic objects? Such doings make it far more likely that I will forget to take my purchases with me.... (something that has happened more often than I care to admit) So I spend bills and keep change. When I got married I had a great deal of change in odd places. One of my old roomates said I was like the girl in the fairy tale, who opened her mouth and roses and jewels dropped out.... except with me it was change. Now my dear husband is my change manager. He takes care of it for me.

2. I like fresh air. When I was in my early teens, in central PA, we lived in a house with no heat upstairs, and that was where I slept. Loving the wind, I kept my windows open all winter, and prided myself on using a single blanket. While I am much more fond of my comfort in my, cough, advancing years, I do still like fresh air.

3. I am clutzy and have knocked myself flat on the pavement with my own car door.

4. I have an excessive dislike of fake flowers.

5. I find it very difficult to invite people to my home because I feel like I'll be bothering them. It is this same quirk that will keep me from tagging people with this meme. ;-) However, you are welcome to pick it up from my blog at will. I'd love to read about your quirks!

6. I read and reread letters over and over before I send them, obsessing over the wording, and subsequently forget to send them. I have found many letters that I thought I sent, tucked into books and other odd places.... If I owe you one, be assured of my kind thoughts toward you.....


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Donna, I love your quirky things ;) Hey, sounds like we are pretty compatable with the change thing, right? LOL...and with the no heat upstairs. I still can't stand to sleep where it is to warm.

Hugs, Cary

Knit and fall back in it said...

My husband doesn't spend change either, and after all these years he has rubbed off on me. I don't spend it anymore either.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 5 and 6 sound so familiar. But I am completely opposite with the change - I will save it up and then spend it gladly. But maybe that's because the coins here in Germany are worth 1.5-3 US dollars. ;)