Friday, May 16, 2008

Black Norwegian, Ramboulliet, Bamboo Yarns

The outdoors and especially thoughts of tranforming our yard into a fruitful flowery paradise have still not managed to woo me away entirely from fibery pursuits.....Above is the Babydoll Southdown that I dyed in the wool, and am now in the process of carding.

Above, 150ish yards of Ramboulliet in Yarn or a Tale's "Wendy" colorway, spun up to make socks for Peace.

Nestled on top of some black Norwegian 3-ply that is the last of the yarns for my rug.

Below is 170 yards of two-ply bamboo spun from my natural dyeing last summer. I want to use this for my first project on the floor loom. Because it was missing some heddle bars, I have had to wait some time to use it. At last it is in working order, and soon it will be time to warp that end, the bamboo has captured my attention this week....even though there is more to spin there is not enough for a I will have to think of something small to make. Any ideas?


Bonnypurr said...

How about a little bag to store a spindle in?

I'm a bit of a bag addict!

Knit and fall back in it said...

It's all so pretty, I want to learn to spin, but I know it would be hard to find the right project for the yarn that I had spun.