Friday, April 4, 2008

Exploring the Down Wools: Clun Forest Sample One

Did I say that 3 ply sock yarns will be the norm now for my down wool samples? Well, I will do a 3 ply sock yarn for sample two of Clun Forest. This first sample was so atypical of the breed that it didn't want to be sock yarn. Lustrous, fuzzy but not elastic, and with a fairly long staple, I suspect that somewhere along the line there was a young ewe who dallied with a handsome longwool. Or perhaps it just goes to show that variations within a breed can be quite pronounced.

But I fell so in love with this fiber that I dyed the roving in spring greens and spun about 300 yards of 2 ply heavy laceweight from it. Someday I want to knit it into a Branching Out scarf. In the meantime it is a cheerful addition to my stash and very pleasant to stroke.

Photographed with the BFL that I didn't use for the triloom shawl border, just cause they look so nice together.


Rhonna said...

(grin) And you know, having strokable stash is half the fun. Having it in handspun is the other half. :-) Do we get to see the scarf with it develops? (please please pretty please??)

Anonymous said...

Yes, looking forward to seeing the scarf in progress.

There's more than just bloodlines and breeding in the makeup of a sheep's wool. Stress, food, minerals and other environment changes that can produce a change from season to season. Though I love the idea of her dallying with a longhair dandy. :-)

cyndy said...

Beautiful colors!