Saturday, March 8, 2008

Exploring the Down Wools: Wrapping up Hampshire and British Suffolk

Here is 100 yd. of finished Hampshire two ply. It is nice soft yarn, but hard to draft at that fatter grist.....I got tired of struggling. From now on, down wool explorations will be 3 ply fingering weight for socks so that I can compare apples with apples. I will not be making socks with may end up being a hat for one of my little guys.

Here are my finished ankle socks with the British Suffolk. Love 'em! Love the color, love the fact that spring will come and I'll still be wearing them.....

They are a little harsher underfoot than I anticipated. They are fine in shoes, or on carpet. But when pinched between foot and hard floor, the yarn is not as nice as I'd like.

More afterthought heels are definitely desired in my future! Loved it!

Next up for exploring.....Clun Forest.


Carissa said...

The Hampshire wool looks great, and I love the way that the socks turned out!

cyndy said...

A hat would look great in that! It looks so soft and cushy!

and the socks look like they fit great!

Wanda said...

Afterthought heel... I need to look that one up. Cute sock.