Monday, December 3, 2007

Knitting with Icicles

Hah! Got your attention, didn't I? No, I am not knitting with the icicles, they are just having their pictures taken together. This is my first bit of Christmas knitting. I am so trying not to get carried away this year. I envision myself knitting away, snug in my little nest....after the stress of NaKniSweMo, the projects will be small and few for the month, and my focus will be not on crafting at all...but the Quest to fit the Vest. I can only focus on one extra thing at a time, folks. If I can focus at all.

Here's my first Christmas object. A lovely "warshrag" in Knitpicks CotLin. The linen makes this red glow from within, and that is just right for the season at hand.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

So tell us ~ how much snow DO you have up there in the north country? LOL...we have about 6 inches here in the middle of the mitten....

Hugs, Cary

Theresa said...

Your daughter is beautiful and I love that she is interested in the spindle and gets how it works! Hope it wasn't painful to get it out of her hair! LOL The "warshrag" looks pretty. Do you like the cotlin?